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Pertex, empresa líder en el sector de los acabados textiles
Acabados textiles en Agullent, Acabados en Húmedo en Agullent, Acabados en seco en Agullent, Pertex
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Experience and confidence

Perchados textiles, is a textile company in the sector of water, south of Valencia, in one of the most important areas of European textile production. Certainly ours is a privileged site for communications because it is close to two ports and two airports and also connected through an extensive network of highways that lead to Europe.

Perchados Textiles, SA, began operations in 1962 consisting raising, shearing and textile finishing and currently has a staff of 36 workers.

The company has a long tradition in the textile industry of Valencia. Its facilities, integrate the most advanced technologies in dry cleaning, printing and finishing, which together a talented group of people with extensive experience allows you to be present in sectors as diverse as fashion, home, automotive fabrics technical.


Perchados Textiles, SA, bases its business strategy in a high degree of commitment to quality, service, and in strict compliance with current legislation, leading to active policies that go beyond the merely formal compliance with legislation both in terms the environment as any other.


All processes have previously defined mechanisms and agreed with its clients to detect, correct and prevent defects and / or anomaly thereby achieving recognition on the market in the textile industry as one of the companies “Quality Assurance”.

Dedicated to dye, printing and finishing of yarns and fabrics in both dry and wet, among his clients are companies using a variety of household linen textiles, fashion, hospitality, leather, upholstery, clothing, etc.


The company has a physical laboratory for tensile, sewing, pilling, light fastness, rub, fireproof, washes, etc., to give customers a complete service.


Quality assurance and confidence

Its main customers have strict quality procedures, environmental policies and risk prevention systems, which meant that all these aspects to become crucial elements in the process of Perchados Textiles, SA

It also has the OEKO TEX 100 Certificate Clear to Wear (Clear to Wear is the health standard product of Inditex Group, general and binding in all its products clothing, footwear, accessories, fabrics and trimmings. Its goal is to eliminate or regulate the use of substances of legally limited use).

Clear to Wear
Oeko-Tex Tissue
Oeko-Tex Thread

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