Pertex | Pertex, Acabados en Húmedo
Procesos y maquinaria de acabados en húmedo en Pertex (Agullent - Valencia)
Acabados en Húmedo, Estampación, Tintura de Hilo, Aprestos para piezas, Pertex, Acabados textiles en Agullent
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Wet Finishing

Plain Printing- Only facility in Spain

Plain Printing- Only facility in Spain

Plain Printing

  • Electronic printing system. Absolute accuracy of the report for printing..
  • Maintaining high printing speeds
  • Number of colors to 10.
  • Working width up to 3300 mm.
  • Either saturated or vaporized at high temperatures.
  • Tincture of parts by foulard
  • Low consumption of water and energy

Tincture Yarn
Tintura de hilo

Tintura de hilo

Tincture yarn


Preparation, dyeing and bitter coil wire on all fibers (synthetic and natural). With 6 autoclaves varied capacities from 5 kg (laboratory scale industrial / test), 50, 200, 400, 600-1200 kg of matter.

Finishes / Sizings for Parts
Acabados / Aprestos para Piezas

Acabados / Aprestos para Piezas

Finishes / Sizings for Parts

  • Exhaustion dyeing for all types of (synthetic and natural), the width or rope fibers. The dye fabric can be performed with various machines, processes and dyes, depending on the different materials and application of tissue Autoclaves, Jigger or Jets-overflow (Multiflow) with an automated laboratory to ensure good reproduction laboratory machine.
  • Foulard conventional finishes. Sizings, softened, waterproof, stain, antiboli (stain release), antibacterial, etc.
  • Finished with microcapsules. Application of capsules in which the active materials used are of very different nature: aromas, chemical or biochemical reagents, vitamins, creams, liquid crystals, Aloe Vera, etc. Using the microcapsules break due to friction, thus releasing properties.
  • Finishes of fashion with elastic frames.
  • Coatings (pasta or foam). Among the most common finishes can be highlighted Fireproof UNE-1021 / BS5852.
  • Finishing AIRO, continuing. Maximum width 3m
  • Printing flat for acrylic and polyester blanket.

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